August 18, 2023

A Newly Published Study Finds Enzyme Supplement DigeSEB Super Pet Boosts Digestibility of Canine Food

A new study published in August in the international journal, Frontiers in Veterinary Science, finds adding DigeSEB Super Pet, a digestive enzyme supplement, to dog food boosts the animal’s digestion of dry matter, protein and non-fibrous carbohydrates (NFC), as well as increases how much energy it gains from its food. The study also showed the use of DigeSEB Super Pet increased the total antioxidant capacity of digested food.

The objective of the study, titled “Modulation of Digestibility of Canine Food Using Enzyme Supplement: an in vitro Simulated Semi-Dynamic Digestion Study,” was to determine if the addition of an enzyme blend to dog food would increase digestibility and release of nutrients.

“The findings of this research hold significant implications for the pet supplement industry,” said Vic Rathi, President of Specialty Enzymes & Probiotics. “Pet owners place a high priority on their pets’ diets. Improving digestibility and nutrient absorption from pet food, thus ensuring pets are adequately nourished, meets a vital need in today’s market.”

The full study can be found on the Frontiers in Veterinary Sciences website at Frontiers | Modulation of digestibility of canine food using enzyme supplement: an in vitro simulated semi-dynamic digestion study.


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