Absorbine Pet Care Introduces New SaniPet Sanitizing Spray  August 14, 2020

Absorbine Pet Care Introduces New SaniPet Sanitizing Spray 

Absorbine Pet Care introduces its new Absorbine Pet Care SaniPet sanitizing spray, which is clinically proven to kill 99.9 percent of germs carried on paws, skin and coats. 

Given the renewed focus on effective cleaning practices, SaniPet helps take care of canine companions, who may unwittingly transfer pathogens gleaned from various contacts throughout a day, from other dogs to dog walkers, groomers, trainers and veterinarians. An application of the new patent-pending, alcohol-free sanitizer spray kills most germs, and its aloe-containing formulation is gentle for frequent use.

“Pets and their families thrive with close contact; however, the heightened awareness of germs is impacting important bonds between the two,” said Amy Cairy, director of marketing for Absorbine Pet Care. “We’re seeking to keep people and pets safely together by introducing a simple element to hygiene routines. New SaniPet effectively neutralizes pathogens on a dog’s paws, skin and coat before it enters the home, providing peace of mind.”

SaniPet sanitizer is sprayed on a dog’s paws, skin and coat until wet and left to penetrate for 60 seconds before air drying or toweling off. It is the only product formulated by a time-tested pet-care company that is proven to kill 99.9 percent of germs on contact. Active ingredients Benzalkonium chloride (0.13 percent) and Chloroxylenol (0.5 percent) ensure a broad spectrum of coverage for a variety of bacteria and viruses and the patent-pending formula’s conditioning agents, like aloe, keep paws, skin and coats healthy and moisturized.

New SaniPet sanitizer is safe for use as directed on all breeds of dogs and on horses; it is not recommended for cats due to their self-grooming habits and sensitivities and an added bittering agent dissuades animals from ingesting.

New SaniPet sanitizing spray is available at 700 Tractor Supply stores, 400 Pet Supplies Plus stores and independent pet stores nationwide. It is also available at https://absorbinepet.com/products/sanipet-coat-spray and Amazon.com.

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