January 3, 2024

AI for Pet Introduces a Seamless Data-sharing Solution Between Pet Parents and Veterinarians

AI FOR PET announced that it is presenting the AI technology-based pet healthcare solution TTcare adding the new feature for both pet parents and veterinarians at CES 2024. This AI-driven healthcare app service empowers pet parents to scan their pets for health abnormalities and receive real-time results. Veterinarians also can utilize the AI health data reference via the web. It has been awarded the CES 2022 and 2023 Innovation Award and has been featured on Forbes Asia and FOX.

Euna Huh, the co-founder and CEO of AI FOR PET said, “We’ve seen that pet access to veterinary clinics has been challenging due to lack of veterinarians. We’ve been hearing from U.S. veterinarians that they are suffering from excessive work. We believe that our patented AI solution solves the problems for pet parents and veterinarians.”

Eric Pai, the Director of the U.S. business development at AI FOR PET also quoted, “We aim for the end-to-end pet service. We already are participating in Shelters United’s Pet Adoption Gateway program and have tested the seamless connection service with seven(7) clinics in the U.S. We plan to add various pet services soon.”

In regards to participating in CES 2024, Euna highlighted “AI FOR PET is looking for partnerships with pet-related businesses and organizations, including but not limited to insurance companies, vet hospital chains, telehealth service and mobile-vet service.”

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