August 11, 2020

Air-dried Food Market Surges on Back of Growing Demand for High-Nutrition Foods, Future Market Insights

According to Future Market Insights, the air-dried food market will surpass $93 billion by 2020-end, expand positively across the forecast period.

Rising demand for preserving the nutritional quotient within packaged foods is bolstering the adoption of air-drying techniques for a long time. It is evident consumers are demanding more foods offsetting various diseases and providing better health benefits. This trend has opened up doors for organic food manufacturers.

Air-drying foods helps retain nutritional value by eliminating moisture through evaporation. This ensures packaged foods are not infected by fungi, mold or bacteria, thereby increasing their shelf-lives. Nowadays, demand for ready-to-eat packaged foods is rising, attributed to the adoption of fast-paced lifestyles, providing major traction to air-dried foods in the forecast period.

“Vendors are emphasizing on developing advanced packaging techniques, such as glass, polyethylene or polypropylene, which act as effective contamination barriers and enhance the self-life of products,” said the FMI analyst.

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