July 10, 2023

All-Natural Pet Care Company, Antelope Unveils New Website, Aims to Become Ultimate One-Stop-Shop For Pets

Antelope has launched its new website, Antelope Pets, that aligns with its mission to provide pet parents nationwide with the highest quality products for their pets. The launch of Antelopepets.com allows pet parents to shop all of Antelope’s fan-favorite brands from Bocce’s BakeryDiggin Your DogSuper Snouts and Ark Naturals under one roof, taking Antelope one step closer to becoming the one-stop-shop for natural, high-quality pet care.

The launch of AntelopePets.com marks a significant milestone in the realization of Antelope’s vision. The website will serve as a comprehensive marketplace, offering pet parents the convenience of shopping for all of Antelope’s brands in one place. AntelopePets.com will offer an intuitive user interface, allowing visitors to navigate seamlessly and explore the diverse range of all-natural pet brands and products available. Pet parents can expect a curated selection of items that prioritize their pets’ well-being and specific needs while offering the convenience of online shopping.

“We are delighted to unveil AntelopePets.com and bring our family of natural and high-quality pet care brands to pet parents across the country,” said Wendy Wen, Founder and CEO at Antelope. “Our mission is to provide pet owners with the highest-quality products made with limited, healthy ingredients. With our new website, we aim to make it easier than ever for pet parents to find and purchase these products, bringing comprehensive and dependable pet care to all pet parents and their pets.”

The website launch joins together a family of next-level pet brands who are dedicated to elevating the standards of pet care. Whether pet parents are looking for natural, limited ingredient treats, supplements or pet insurance, Antelope Pets has them covered.

“We chose to partner with Antelope because it was clear that they would take care of our team and the quality of our products. It’s been a year since the acquisition, and they have proven to be progressively people first and are aligned with quality, innovation and results that are at the core of the Diggin’ Your Dog and Super Snouts brands. I am proud to continue to work in step with the Antelope team as Chief Visionary Officer, where I am involved with current and future product standards and formulations. The Antelope team is a breath of fresh air for the pet industry!” said Christy Love, Founder of Diggin’ Your Dog and Super Snouts.

For more information about Antelope, visit Antelope Pets.


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