April 1, 2022

AlphaLogix Announces Market Release of AlphaFlo Canine Allograft

Equus Innovations, a manufacturer of advanced, next-generation veterinary regenerative products, in partnership with AlphaLogix, LLC (Argyle, TX) has released a new canine allograft, AlphaFlo. Equus Innovations is also the manufacturer of the RenoVō equine allograft, distributed by Equine Amnio Solutions (EAS).

AlphaFlo is a liquid, acellular, canine amniotic tissue allograft comprised of amnion, intended to supplement and protect tissues. It is cryopreserved and provided frozen in three volumes. Amniotic tissues possess reported anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-fibrotic and regenerative properties that make them highly attractive for use in veterinary applications.

Tissues are recovered from healthy dogs during live birth by licensed veterinarians using safe recovery techniques and sterile equipment without harm to the animals. Allografts are subject to stringent USP testing prior to release for implantation. The product is a compelling alternative to existing modalities for the care of canines.

Grant D. Senner, Equus Innovations’ Chief Executive Officer stated, “The release of AlphaFlo by AlphaLogix is another exciting regenerative solution for veterinary patients. We are privileged to be partners in advancing these innovative allograft products.”

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