January 13, 2022

Alton Brown Joins Hill’s Pet Nutrition End Pet Obesity Campaign

To help pet parents jump start their pet’s weight management journey in this new year, Hill’s Pet Nutrition has enlisted world-renowned chef and dog pet parent Alton Brown to join its annual End Pet Obesity campaign, which provides free education, tools and resources for pet owners.

“For humans and animals alike, setting and sticking to healthy habits can have a positive impact on overall health,” said Brown. “I know this firsthand from my own personal weight loss journey and as one of my resolutions this year, I am now working with my dog Scabigail to reach her ideal weight with a custom nutrition plan using food from Hill’s. I’ve learned that overtreating and not feeding the right diet can have serious consequences, which is why I’m happy to be working with Hill’s Pet Nutrition to help other pet owners learn how to tackle pet obesity, so pets can live their best life with their families.”

Obesity is a leading health risk for pets. Feeding a few additional treats or ounces here or there may seem harmless but ultimately adds up and can have a serious impact on a pet’s overall wellbeing.

“Even a little extra weight on a pet can have a big impact on their overall quality of life,” said Dr. Karen Shenoy, Hill’s US Chief Veterinary Officer. “Astoundingly, 90 percent of pet parents with an overweight pet do not realize it. It is Hill’s goal to help pet parents feel empowered and prepared to proactively discuss their pet’s weight with their veterinarian. As part of our commitment to ending pet obesity, Hill’s has developed easy guides and tools designed to quickly gauge a pet’s current body condition and provide tips around how to address the added weight. A consultation with a veterinarian can then provide further insights on the ideal weight for a pet’s breed and size and open up a dialogue so that the pet’s veterinarian can work with the pet parent to map out an appropriate plan for optimal nutrition and physical activity.”

Hill’s End Pet Obesity campaign provides pet parents with various ways to assist their pet on their weight management journey:

  • Check Your Pet: Pet owners can check their pet’s body condition by using Hill’s easy-to-use body shape assessment tool that shows a pet’s results plus a recommendation for what to do next.
  • Schedule A Vet Visit: Pet owners should always consult their veterinarian if they have concerns about their pet’s weight. Hill’s recommends starting the conversation with these questions:
    • Is my pet at their ideal weight?
    • How can I help my pet reach their ideal weight?
    • How can food help manage a pet’s weight?
  • Start With The Right Food: Hill’s has a variety of products that can help your pet achieve a healthy weight.
  • Enter Hill’s Pampered Pet Package: Hill’s invites pet owners to check their pet’s weight for a chance to win Hill’s Pampered Pet Package Sweepstakes. The grand prize includes a $5,000 check that can be used towards Hill’s food, vet wellness visits and grooming. Hill’s is also giving away thousands of other prizes for select winners.

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