May 5, 2020

An Animal Sanctuary is Making a Difference to Senior Citizens and Their Pets

According to media sources, Milton Williams, a 74-year-old senior citizen in Connecticut, saw his dog’s medical needs were increasing, he faced a very difficult situation. Already, he was struggling to pay for both of their basic needs. Now that he was homebound, the thought of finding the funds for veterinary support seemed insurmountable. Like many seniors who are currently isolated with the pandemic, Williams’ dog is his world and the thought of losing her due to financial hardship was heartbreaking. That’s when the CVH Animal Sanctuary stepped in to help with much needed veterinary support and pet food.

Mr. Williams’ story is not uncommon. In fact, for many senior citizens living on fixed incomes, scenarios like this are more and more prevalent. According to a national poll on healthy aging, 55 percent of senior citizens own a pet, yet, the “Access to Vet Care” national report notes 69 percent of senior citizens are unable to access care for those animals. As growing lines for food support make the headlines, the needs of four-legged family members are often overlooked, compounding emotional and physical stress to owners and pets alike. To meet the growing demand left by the pandemic, the sanctuary’s compassion is taking action, already distributing over 14,000 pet food meals to seniors in need.

With May coined as National Older Americans Month, focus on the daily struggles of senior citizens is in the spotlight. During the pandemic, the CVH Animal Sanctuary is working harder than ever to increase assistance to senior pet owners and their animals.

Jennifer Hubbard, Executive Director of the sanctuary, is in awe of the impact their services have made in the last seven weeks alone. “We’re humbled our support is offering comfort during this time of uncertainty and will remain steadfast in providing assistance for as long as needed to keep our most vulnerable safe at home with their beloved pets.”

As for Mr. Williams, he could not be more grateful for the support. “My dog is my pride and joy. She IS my life. If I didn’t have her, I don’t know what I would do.”

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