June 17, 2022

Andy by Anderson Hay Launches e-Commerce Site for Small Pet Market

Andy by Anderson Hay™, a newcomer to the small pet market delivering farm-fresh hay for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets, expands its US presence by launching a new e-commerce website, Andy.pet, introducing small pet owners to its high-quality hay and all-natural products. Since 2022, Andy has been selling its USDA certified organic and natural Timothy hay, alfalfa, bedding and other products through its online store and third-party online channels, principally Amazon.

For three generations spanning more than 50 years, the Anderson family has been feeding the world’s most important animals with its farm-fresh hay from the Pacific Northwest. Now this leading US exporter of premium hay and straw products continues its pioneering spirit by offering its hay directly to the homes of small pet owners. All production and packaging is handled by Andy’s sister company, Anderson Hay & Grain.

“Andy is a family business that takes great pride in each box we fill,” said Mark Anderson, CEO of Andy by Anderson Hay and Anderson Hay & Grain. “Andy’s product line is supported by generations of knowledge in the hay business globally. We have deep experience in meeting the needs of the most stringent hay buyers around the world. It will be hard to find another supplier with deeper roots in both hay knowledge and customer service passion.”

All-sustainable and eco-friendly, Andy aims to nourish small pets with fresh, small batch forage, made the way nature intended. Product offerings include natural Timothy hay (1st and 2nd cutting), organic Timothy hay (1stand 2nd cutting), natural alfalfa, alfalfa pellets, wood shavings bedding and pellet bedding. Further differentiating the brand are the farm-to-feed Andy-Pak Feeder Boxes™, which contain Timothy 1st and 2nd cuttings or USDA organic 1st cutting Timothy hay compressed in a 1.5-pound feeder box, which is convenient and mess free for feeding small pets.

“We’re really excited about the dedicated team we put together focused on providing the best packaging for small animals,” said Michael Anderson, WA Division Operations Manager for Anderson Hay & Grain and a fourth-generation Anderson working in the family business.

Spearheading Andy’s social media strategy is 23-year-old Molly Anderson, another fourth-generation Anderson, who always wanted to carry on the family legacy but wanted to leave a different footprint. She envisioned the Andy brand because she “didn’t want to leave any four-legged friends behind.”

“Andy is relatable, understanding and a safe place for people to trust that their pet will be taken care of,” said Molly Anderson, Social Media and Communications Manager. “Andy isn’t just another feed store, Andy is a family.”

Valtech, a global digital agency focused on business transformation, was responsible for conceptualizing Andy’s authentic, youthful and wholesome branding, as well as company’s verdant logo: rising above the ‘N’ in Andy are bunny ears with Andy’s tagline, ‘Fresh from the farm, naturally.’ Andy’s products are now available at Andy.pet and Amazon.



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