August 23, 2022

Animal Homeopathy is Now Zumalka

Pet homeopathic brand Animal Homeopathy has been rebranded Zumalka.

Through the last year, the company’s development team deep-dived into every aspect of the brand in search of enhancements. “By going through this process, we’re serving the customers even better,” said co-founder and homeopath Suzie Cyrenne. “Now, our name better aligns with our entire product line, eliminating any confusion for our customers.”

As part of the rebranding, Zumalka has new product names designed to clearly highlight the quality ingredients contained inside. “We believe pet owners should have access to better products so they can give their animal family members the quality of life they truly deserve,” said Cyrenne.

Only a few products retain their original names, including Piptopet, which provides full-spectrum coverage to promote a healthy immune response in animals.

Besides new names, Zumalka also has improved its product labels, making them easier for consumers to understand. “We pride ourselves in using only the best ingredients when it comes to our products,” said Cyrenne. “Besides giving our customers clearer and more thorough access to our natural and high-quality ingredients at a glance, these new easy-to-read labels make administering the products to their pets simpler and more convenient.”

Zumalka’s team strives to provide the best products to pet lovers everywhere as part of its commitment to the customer experience. Building on the other changes, some of the brand’s products now feature new and improved recipes. “We always want to make it a point to focus on quality,” said Cyrenne.

Learn more about the name and product changes here.


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