Animal Supply Company’s Mobile App Reaches 10,000 Orders August 16, 2019

Animal Supply Company’s Mobile App Reaches 10,000 Orders

Since Animal Supply Company’s (ASC) launched it in 2018, more than 10,000 orders have been placed via their mobile-app. Through the app, independent pet retailers can place orders, check inventory and track deliveries anytime and anywhere. 

“We’re excited that our retailers are seeing the flexibility and time-saving benefits that the app provides,” said Angela Spears, SVP of Digital Innovation and Marketing at ASC. “Our new mobile and web products are allowing us to reinvent the way we serve customers.”

With the app, retailers can:

  • Scan a barcode to immediately add items to their cart
  • Make favorite lists to order and reorder quickly
  • Track orders instantly, right from the home screen
  • Start a return
  • Seamlessly transition between the app and their desktop

“In addition to providing 24/7 mobile access through the app, we continue to invest in new features that change the way our partners do business with us,” Spears added. “This includes promotions, which will be automatically applied at checkout, and the ability to process returns from start to finish on both the app and web.”




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