September 18, 2023

APPA Members Offer Solutions for Pet Anxiety and Holistic Pet Wellness

The American Pet Products Association (APPA) is helping pet owners relieve anxiety, reduce boredom and promote mental stimulation with calming, enrichment and engagement products for pets. From supplements and chews to CBD products, this assortment of products will keep pets happy and fulfilled, even during daily stressors like thunderstorms, large gatherings and more.

“According to the 2023-2024 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 55 percent of dog owners and 53 percent of cat owners report using some type of calming product for their pets,” said APPA President and CEO Peter Scott. “The use of products to address pet stress and anxiety has seen enormous growth over the past few years, paving the way for new and innovative calming and enrichment products so pet parents can provide the very best care for our pets.”

Read on for a list of products and solutions for pets, courtesy of APPA members:

Supplements  – De-stress your pet with supplements designed to promote calm and alleviate anxiety. Veterinarian-recommended Wellness® Supplements Calm – Relaxation Support Chews contain active ingredients to help support relaxation, while Solid Gold® Keep Calm & Wag On Calming Supplement Chews, powered by Bioboost™, feature naturally calming ingredients like Ashwagandha and Valerian Root to help pets cope with external stressors. Made in the USA, Operation Good Boy Calming Supplement for Dogs are NASC Certified, with proceeds supporting military working dog charities. Try Zesty Paws Calming Bites for Cats or Zesty Paws Calming Bites Soft Chews for Dogs that include ingredients like L-Theanine to help cope with anxiety-inducing situations or PetPlate ‘Chill Out’ Soft Chews for delicious chews that will help your four-legged friends achieve zen.

Engagement Toys – Gift your pet a new enrichment toy to help with mental stimulation and keep them engaged. Lambwolf Collective’s NOU is an enrichment toy that knots into various shapes to stuff treats. The Stashios Soothing Saucer® and Soothing Sauce promote licking and help reduce any feelings of apprehension. Keep pets entertained for hours on end with Starmark‘s Snapper Trapper Venus and Snapper Trapper Tire, which trap food inside the toy with interlocking teeth to create more challenging play. The Dezi & Roo Pop-n-Purr offers feline friends the ultimate enrichment toy in a refillable scent ball to combat boredom with an interactive design that keeps cats on the move. Happy Habitats The Halo offers fun engagement for small pets outside the cage, allowing them to safely explore the great outdoors alongside pet parents.

Training Treats & Chews – Reduce boredom and promote engagement with treats and chews used for training and enrichment. With only two calories per treat, Purina Prime Bites are perfect for training sessions and made with no corn, wheat, soy or artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. For dogs that love to chew, check out the Merrick Fresh Kisses Infused with Real Pumpkin and Cinnamon, that doubles as an enrichment activity and a digestible, all-natural dental treat to clean teeth and freshen breath. Yak9 Chews Pumpkin Cheese Chews, made with superfoods and antioxidants to support overall immunity, keep your pet engaged and calm.

CBD & Hemp Products – Ease pet anxiety with the latest CBD and hemp products for pets. For chews, check out Earth Buddy Pet Calming CBD Soft Chews for DogsZesty Paws Hemp Elements Plus Calming Bites and Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Plus Calming Bites for CatsPet Releaf also offers Stress Releaf CBD Edibites and Stress Releaf CBD Oils, formulated to help dogs and cats manage stress. In the case of thunderstorms, separation anxiety, or everyday unease, the Zesty Paws Hemp Elements Calming OraStix provide a quick, easy and tasty way to promote relaxation and peace in your furry friend’s life.

Home Products – Make your home a zen zone for pets. The bSerene Dog Calming Diffuser and bSerene Advanced Cat Calming Diffuser offer an effective, convenient solution to keep pets calm with pheromones that help with stress-induced behaviors.

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