November 8, 2023

ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous Program Launches TikTok Campaign to Celebrate “A Day In The Life” of Shelter Cats, Donates $30,000 to Shelters

In honor of National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week (Nov. 5-11), the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program this week announced the launch of its “A Day in the Life” social media campaign. This initiative is dedicated to celebrating shelter cats who are often overlooked for adoption due to age, illness, appearance or misunderstood personalities. The Feline Generous program teamed up with some of TikTok’s most popular cat content creators to create humorous videos that highlight a day in the life of ‘purrfectly impurrfect’ cats waiting for loving forever homes to help raise awareness around why they make such wonderful pets. As a thank you to each of the participating shelters—Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter in Tuscaloosa, AL, Rafiki’s Rescue in Anaheim, CA and Mary S. Roberts Pet Adoption Center in Riverside, CA—the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program will be donating $10,000 to each organization.

“National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to remind people of the hard work the staff and volunteers put into running these amazing organizations,” said Pam Johnson-Bennett, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant. “It’s also a good time to remind people if they’re considering adopting a cat to consider adopting a ‘purrfectly impurrfect’ cat, which can be so rewarding while helping shelters make room for new cats. It’s worth noting, most cat behavior issues arise from misunderstandings and assuming the cat is intentionally being disobedient. Cats are incredibly adaptable and can easily adjust to physical limitations. Plus, if you’re looking for a cat who would like to curl up in your lap and enjoy just being near you, an older cat may be the ideal choice.”

In 2023, the ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous program will be donating a total of $50,000 to cat welfare organizations and since launching the program in 2019, it has donated a total of $200,000 as it continues to help shelter cats find loving forever homes and supports local cat shelters across the country.

This year alone, Feline Generous collaborated with multiple organizations, such as the ASPCA for National Adopt a Shelter Cat Month in June and helped them raise $75,000 for ASPCA’s shelters. Additionally, Feline Generous supported its own local shelters in Philadelphia by sponsoring Mac’s Fund‘s “Mewtiny on the Moshulu” event and awarding a $5,000 donation, as well as a $13,500 donation to Morris Animal Refuge, one of the nation’s oldest animal refuge organizations.

“The Feline Generous program is dedicated to raising awareness around why adopting ‘purrfectly impurrfect’ cats is so rewarding and helping them find great homes,” said Lisa Borak, Senior Marketing Director, ARM & HAMMER Pet Care. “We were delighted to collaborate with local shelters, national organizations and content creators to continue giving ‘purrfectly impurrfect’ cats a platform to show how irresistibly adoptable they are. We look forward to continuing our efforts in 2024.”

The ARM & HAMMER Feline Generous  program is an online platform that easily connects people to a network of local cat shelters across the country to help increase adoption and generate product and monetary donations, with a specific focus on cats who tend to be overlooked due to age, illness, appearance or misunderstood personalities.

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