July 10, 2024

Arterra Pet Science Expands Distribution: Premium Dog Longevity Supplements Now Available on Amazon

Arterra, a pioneering dog supplement brand, has announced that its products are now available on Amazon. This expansion marks a significant milestone in Arterra’s mission to make premium, veterinarian-formulated wellness and longevity supplements more accessible to dog owners everywhere.

Arterra’s adult and senior formulas are meticulously crafted to support healthy aging and enhance longevity in dogs. With 63 premium, science-backed ingredients, these formulas promote overall wellness by supporting hip and joint health, cognition and mood, immune and cellular function, gut health, organ function and allergy relief, in a daily, powder-based scoop. Arterra provides a new standard in canine care, by offering an all-in-one wellness solution for pet parents eager to simplify their pet’s health routine.

“Our mission at Arterra has always been to redefine pet wellness and longevity,” said Jonathan Willbanks, Founder and CEO of Arterra. “Expanding our distribution to Amazon allows us to reach a broader audience and provide more dogs with the transformative benefits of our comprehensive wellness formulas. It’s an exciting time to be driving the acceleration of this breakthrough category in pet wellness and life extension.”

Arterra’s supplements stand out in the crowded pet supplement market through their comprehensive use of the ‘entourage effect,’ where 63 compounds and ingredients work synergistically to enhance overall efficacy. This methodology allows Arterra to offer more complete support than any other product available, significantly outperforming competitors in terms of ingredient quality and dosage. By prioritizing the source and form of its ingredients, such as choosing potent fruiting bodies over mycelium in its functional mushrooms, Arterra ensures superior bioavailability and health benefits. The inclusion of cutting-edge ingredients like MIT-developed magnesium further underscores Arterra’s commitment to leading the way in pet health innovation.

For example, the current best-selling hip and joint supplement on the market contains just three active ingredients. In contrast, the joint component alone of Arterra’s formula includes 11 potent ingredients at significantly higher doses, providing unparalleled support for your dog’s joint health.

The startup, backed by industry veterans such as Boulder Food Group and Gestalt Idea Group and influential founders like Carly Kremer and Daniel Millar (Co-Founders, Beekeeper’s Naturals), Brian Tate (Founder, Oats Overnight) and Matt LaCasse (Founder, Birch Benders), continues to prioritize actual efficacy over label appeal. By eschewing the low-cost, low-benefit model prevalent in many condition-specific formulas, Arterra offers high-quality, research-backed products aimed at comprehensive wellness and longevity.

For more information on Arterra visit Arterra Pet.


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