August 3, 2020

Australian Oakwood Products Launches US Pet Care Line

Oakwood Products, Australia’s 30-year-old premier brand of pet care and leather care products for horse tack, has launched a line of pet care and grooming products in the US. The products, made from ingredients native to Australia, are designed to keep pets’ coats professionally clean and shiny. The line includes nine product SKUs consisting of shampoos, conditioners, pet odor and stain removers and grooming tools.

Oakwood Products was founded in 1990 by Geoff Searl, a horse enthusiast, who originally created a horse tack and leather care line. As many horse enthusiasts also keep dogs and cats as pets, the choice to create a line of premium products aimed at maintaining the perfect finish for their coats was a natural fit. Oakwood’s products are now available in the US through its parent company, The Libman Company, a 124-year old US manufacturer of household and commercial cleaning products.

Not only are the Oakwood pet care products effective, they showcase the brand’s cheeky Australian humor with names like I’m a Filthy Beast Shampoo with Tea Tree Oil, Quick Fix My Stink Pet Odor Eliminator & Cologne and Nobody Wants to be Scruffy Loose Hair Remover Glove.

In addition to the new US pet grooming and pet care line, Oakwood has also launched a line of leather care products designed for cleaning, conditioning and maintaining horse tack. The line includes a liquid saddle soap, leather conditioner glycerine leather cleaner, leather & synthetic wipes and leather oil. Ingredients used in the products include lanolin, beeswax, neatsfoot oil, emu oil, carnauba wax, eucalyptus, tea tree oil and glycerine. Not only are these products ideal for saddles and horse tack, they can also be used on leather boots, jackets, handbags, belts and sportswear.

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