Australis Introduces a New Generation of Human-Grade Single Ingredient Pet Treats February 26, 2024

Australis Introduces a New Generation of Human-Grade Single Ingredient Pet Treats

Australis Aquaculture, the global leader in Barramundi, a premium white fish, has launched Barra Barrk, the world’s first Fair Trade Certified pet product, under its brand, The Better Fish. Currently available in all BJ’s Wholesale Club stores located throughout the eastern U.S., Barra Barrk is a single-ingredient, human-grade product made from hand-rolled Barramundi fish skins. The treats are produced from Australis’ Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified farms which are the two leading industry certifications for sustainability, farming practices, and labor standards. With this in mind, consumers can rest assured that Barra Barrk is good for pups and the planet.

The Better Fish Barramundi, a product that many pet owners have already come to love for its quality and flavor, is Barra Barrk’s star (and only) ingredient. Barra Barrk treats are hand-rolled and air-dried from Barramundi skins so these healthy dog snacks offer countless nutritional benefits and endless enjoyment for furry friends. Brimming with omega-3 fatty acids, these fish skins support everything from pets’ agility, dental and joint health to their cardiovascular system and vision. The sustainable practices in use at The Better Fish farms guide every step of the fish-to-treat process, ensuring that every bite nourishes dogs with human-grade food ingredients from a fully certified food production facility.

“The versatility of Barramundi continues to excite and surprise us, and we couldn’t be happier to bring it and all its benefits to a group very deserving of wellness – your best friends,” said Josh Goldman, CEO and co-founder of Australis Aquaculture. “This launch represents not just a new product innovation, but a new chapter in the bond between pets and their humans.”

As the pet treat market continues to evolve, Barra Barrk differentiates itself by offering a wholesome alternative that meets the demand for natural and sustainable products produced to the highest standards. The treats are ideal for pet owners who prioritize their dog’s diet and the origin of their food, so customers can feel confident that they are feeding their pets the very best. With the innovation of Barra Barrk, The Better Fish reduces waste by transforming fish skins into nutrient-dense chewy treats for furry companions. Visit to learn more about how these fish skin treats are redefining canine indulgence.

The Better Fish
The Better Fish Barramundi by Australis Aquaculture is a sustainably open ocean raised white fish known for its delicious flavor, versatility, and exceptional nutritional value. Carrying ASC, BAP and Fair-Trade certifications, it’s a fish that is thoughtfully nurtured in the pristine, tropical waters of Van Phong Bay, Vietnam. The company is committed to minimizing their carbon footprint and waste throughout the production process, helping to support Barramundi’s status as the fastest growing fish species in the U.S. Their dedication to sustainability and social responsibility has been widely recognized by environmental groups, governments, the culinary community, and consumers. By choosing The Better Fish, diners can enjoy delicious and responsible seafood that supports better food systems and builds climate resilience.

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