December 14, 2021

Backyard Cat Proofing Reinvented with Oscillot Cat Fence Rollers

As ideas of responsible pet ownership evolve, Oscillot has reinvented the concept of an outdoor cat with a revolutionary cat-proof fence system made in Australia and now available in North America and Europe.

Cats use a jump-grab-climb action to scale fences. Oscillot is the original and revolutionary cat fence roller system designed to counteract this technique and make sure that your cats cannot escape your yard. The patented system consists of a series of colorful powder coated spinning aluminum rollers installed on top of your existing fence. Easy DIY installation and suitability for most fence types makes Oscillot the most straight-forward cat fence solution for keeping your cat safe in your own yard.

Oscillot has proven to be the first choice for cat owners who want to keep their yard beautiful. There are no wires, no cages, no nets and no electric currents. It is visually low-key, does not spin in the wind and does not require electricity or regular maintenance. Additionally, Oscillot is safe for cats & wildlife – it is designed so that little paws don’t get caught or injured in the components. It is the only cat containment system in the world that has been endorsed by The Animal Welfare League of Australia and Nature Canada as a responsible method of containing pet cats to their own property and cat proofing a backyard fence.

All Oscillot rollers are powder coated. Such coating is extremely durable, weather resistant and will ensure that your fence always looks great. The cat fence rollers are easy to cut to size and have proven to work seamlessly over the years. You can move to your new house and take the system with you, because it will last you a lifetime.

Statistically, cats that roam the neighbourhood live on average eight years less than cats contained to their own property. Roaming cats are at great risk of injury, illness and even death from dangers that lurk beyond the fence line including dog attacks, getting hit by a car, contracting contagious diseases and even being stolen or impounded by Animal Management Officers. Free-roaming cats inevitably face expensive vet bills from preventable injuries, illnesses and accidents. They are also a danger to native wildlife when left to roam the neighbourhood, especially in parks, reserves and wetland areas.

An indoor cat spends most of its time in the confinement of a home. While keeping your cat inside may seem like the safest choice, it may underwhelm the animal as compared to the outdoors.

It’s a misconception that cats need to roam to be happy. Cats are generally highly adaptable to changes in their environment and can adjust well to being contained to their own backyard. You can make your backyard an enriching environment for your cat by adding objects your cat can explore & utilise such as a cat scratcher, a cat tree, a tree stump, cat grass and a nice comfortable bed.

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