April 12, 2024

Badlands Ranch by Katherine Heigl Launches on Chewy

Badlands Ranch, a premium dog nutrition brand, is now available Chewy.

Founded by actress, animal advocate and philanthropist Katherine Heigl, Badlands Ranch is an extension of her passion for animals, striving to enhance the lives of pets worldwide through unparalleled nutrition. Badlands Ranch’s dedication to pet well-being aligns seamlessly with the commitment to quality and community-building within the independent pet channel. Part of the brand’s commitment to pet well-being is the annual contribution of $250,000 to the Jason D Heigl Foundation to support the rescue and adoption of hundreds of pets in need.

One of Badlands Ranch’s leading products, Superfood Complete, has achieved remarkable success with more than 3 million units sold since the brand launched in 2022, due to its inclusion of superfoods, including turmeric, ginger and lion’s mane mushrooms. Now, through these strategic partnerships, this product will be available in numerous additional retailers. This expansion will provide more pet owners with access to this best-selling air-dried dog food, supporting various aspects of dogs’ health, including skin and coat, digestion, immune function and energy levels.

To learn more about Badlands Ranch click here.

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