July 14, 2022

Because, Animals Introduces Supplement Line

Because, Animals, a company dedicated to creating sustainable, cruelty- and slaughter-free food and treats for cats and dogs, is excited to introduce six new supplements. The supplements are the debut of Bmmune Nutritional Yeast, the brand’s proprietary blend of high protein, high fiber nutritional yeast with immune-boosting fermentation powders. With options available for both cats and dogs, the new line includes:

Immune Health Sprinkles: A strong immune system starts in the gut and Immune Health Sprinkles feature a triple whammy gut health punch that includes probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics. Paired with immune-supporting B vitamins and animal-free fermented glutamine — a bioavailable amino acid and anti-inflammatory – Immune Health Sprinkles deliver the ultimate immune defense and path to longevity for cats and dogs.

Joint Boost Sprinkles: The star ingredient in this ocean-friendly joint support supplement is animal-free cultured glucosamine — a fermented ingredient shown to improve a pet’s joints and combat arthritis and osteoporosis. Paired with Bmmune Nutritional Yeast, which is loaded with B vitamins, fiber and anti-inflammatory benefits, in addition to algae-derived DHA and turmeric for reducing inflammation, Joint Sprinkles deliver an all-natural, animal-free joint health support that also benefits immunity and digestion!

Wellness Sprinkles: Featuring clinically-proven beneficial bacteria and the brand’s exclusive Bflora probiotic, Wellness Sprinkles serve as an all-in-one solution for gut health and digestion, immunity, skin and coat health and as a daily tool for overall, preventative health. Wellness Sprinkles deliver a blend of seaweeds – the ultimate superfood! – with more than 250 million active probiotic cultures and antioxidant-dense fruit and vegetable powders to support overall health, including aging, the eyes, brain and more. Additionally, they contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to keep pets’ skin and coat healthy. Just a sprinkle a day!

“Because, Animals loves nutritional yeast so much, we made our own! We blended a high protein strain of nutritional yeast with fermented koji, giving Bmmune special immune-boosting B vitamins,” commented Joshua Errett, Co-founder and COO. “Bmmune is the superstar ingredient in our supplements, serving as a complete, bioavailable protein with all 10 of the essential amino acids dogs require. A bonus is that it has a cheesy, savory taste pets love.”

The supplements are available for a suggested retail prices ranging from $17 – $22. Like all the products in Because, Animals’ line, they’re made in the USA and the packaging is animal- and planet-friendly too. To learn more about Because, Animals and their all-natural, sustainable, cruelty- and slaughter-free products, please visit Because Animals or contact Samantha at samantha@becauseanimals.com.

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