July 22, 2022

Better Choice Completes Integration of TruDog Brand & Launches Halo Branded Freeze-Dried Raw Meals, Treats and Toppers

Better Choice Company Inc., a pet health and wellness company, today announced the completion of its integration of the TruDog brand underneath the broader Halo® product portfolio. Concurrently, the Company announced the launch of a full line of Halo® branded Freeze-Dried Raw Meals, Treats and Toppers designed to meet the needs of legacy TruDog customers.

“We are proud to announce that the gradual sunset and integration of the TruDog brand underneath the broader Halo® umbrella has occurred on schedule, with no disruptions in our ability to supply loyal TruDog customers and subscribers with the same high-quality food, toppers, chews and treats – now in Halo branded packaging. We have received very positive feedback from a number of legacy TruDog customers and have already observed an increase in the purchase of Halo Holistic® and Halo Elevate® kibble by this same customer cohort,” said Scott Lerner, CEO of Better Choice Company.

“The transition of the TruDog brand to Halo® couldn’t come at a better time, as it allows our direct-to-consumer platform to benefit fully from the launch of our multi-million dollar media campaign and newly revamped consumer facing website. In addition, we are looking forward to exploring the opportunity to expand the Halo® Freeze-Dried Raw offering into other channels, including Pet Specialty and International, now that they are sold underneath the broader Halo® brand,” continued Mr. Lerner.

To shop the new Halo® Freeze-Dried Raw offering on Halo Pets, click here.

Feeding Freeze-Dried Raw can provide the following benefits:

  • Preserves the natural flavor and nutrition of raw food
  • 100 percent of protein derived from animal sources
  • Excellent source of energy
  • Boosts digestion with natural fibers
  • Supports muscle development and maintenance

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