June 30, 2020

Birdnip Expands Line of Nootropic and Adaptogen Infused Dog Supplements

Birdnip, the company behind the first nootropic for dogs, has launched four new dog supplements dubbed ‘The Full Stack,’ aiming to sync the brain and body for optimal performance. All across the country dogs are being quarantined. Access to public areas for outdoor recreation are limited, and the constant presence of humans in their daily lives can add both joy and stress to pets. Binging on excess affection, the overwhelming presence of multiple people and the lack of any privacy or personal space can lead to anxious and stressed pets, experts say. As the quarantine ends, dogs may experience further disruption when faced with the separation of their owners who they’ve grown accustomed to spending every hour with for months.

“As dogs learn to adapt to this brave new world alongside us, it is imperative that we do everything we can to support their brain and body. When we launched our first product, we could have never imagined the great passion it would inspire. All across the world we heard from dog owners who held that same belief that drives us today – that dogs are more than four legs and a tail. That our companions are capable of human-like emotion, empathy and thoughts,” said Founder and CEO Michael Galvez. “It is in this spirit that Birdnip is pleased to introduce a powerful new set of plant-based, human-grade dog supplements each with a precise blend of naturally deriving nootropics and adaptogens.”

Adaptogens are herbs that help balance the stress response system, acting as a personalized internal regulator and adapting to the specific needs the body requires – both mental and physical. When working in tandem with nootropics, adaptogens can provide unmatched cognitive strengthening to allow dogs to approach daily life at their optimal peak.

Available now along with the groundbreaking Nootrodog, four new products will round out the offering to make up the ‘Full Stack’:

  • Three Six Zero (antioxidant supplement)
  • Swift (joint supplement)
  • Stunner (skin and coat supplement)
  • Feathers (calming supplement)

“We have long been at the forefront of canine mental health and with our new ‘full stack’ lineup, we have now planted the flag as the leading company melding our dogs’ minds and bodies,” adds Galvez.

Debuting alongside the new products is a lookbook entitled ‘A Familiar Place, Seen Anew’ which reimagines the daily life of dogs as a richer and more nuanced world than previously thought.

Birdnip’s new supplements are now available to purchase online at birdnip.com.

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