November 22, 2022

Blue Buffalo Partners with Dr. Evan Antin on Dog Dietary Triggers

Together with animal expert and nationally recognized veterinarian, Dr. Evan Antin, Blue Buffalo, a leading natural pet food brand, aims to educate pet parents on the signs and symptoms of dog dietary issues and share expert solutions to help make their dogs healthier and happier.

“Nutritional modification can be an easy and effective approach to helping dogs who present with symptoms of dietary issues and skin sensitivities linked to diet,” said Antin. “That’s why it’s important to be aware of what is typical for your pet when it comes to their digestion and nutritional needs, so you can address any issues with your veterinarian quickly. Pets are such important members of our families, and they deserve to live happy, healthy lives.”

Antin and Blue Buffalo have developed these expert tips to help pet parents better manage their dogs’ digestive and skin sensitivities:

  • Hydration: It’s important to help your dog stay hydrated, particularly if they are experiencing digestive issues. Ice chips may be helpful until their stomach settles.
  • Gentle foods for sensitive stomachs: A temporary bland diet such as lean chicken and rice or fat free cottage cheese and rice for four to five days following GI symptoms may be recommended by your veterinarian. Also, daily dietary supplementation with canned pumpkin is a popular choice for sensitive stomachs and can help fight indigestion because it is rich in fiber. Consult with your veterinarian for the appropriate amount to add to your pet’s daily meal.
  • Limited ingredient diets: Look for limited ingredient diets formulated with ingredients that support digestion such as BLUE Basics. BLUE Basics provides a unique ingredient offering that benefits immune health while supporting healthy skin/coat and gentle digestion. Basics is a limited ingredient diet, meaning it has a single animal protein source, no chicken or beef, no dairy or eggs. This makes it a great diet for pets with food sensitivities. BLUE Basics has omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to support skin and coat health, Vitamins E and C to support immune health and superior nutrition through quality, natural ingredients, all part of Blue Buffalo’s True Blue Promise.
  • A diet designed for digestive care: Another option is a diet specifically designed for digestive care, like BLUE True Solutions Blissful Belly, which supports digestive health naturally with prebiotic fiber and high-quality, natural ingredients clinically proven to support specific digestive needs and recommended by veterinarians and animal nutritionists.
  • A diet designed for skin care: Dogs and cats can develop sensitivities to common ingredients like chicken, beef, dairy, wheat and lamb. Your veterinarian may recommend a limited ingredient diet to avoid these triggers, like BLUE Basics. Or, you may need a diet tailored specifically for skin sensitivities like BLUE’s True Solutions Skin and Coat Care Formula, which is made with clinically-proven ingredients that help support healthy skin and shiny coats.

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