March 18, 2024

Bona Pet System and Bona OxyPower Products Receive EPA Safer Choice Certification

Bona has announced that four of its products are now certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safer Choice program and have earned the Safer Choice label. The new certification applies to the Bona Pet System including Bona Pet System Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona Pet System Wood Floor Deep Cleaner as well as Bona’s OxyPower floor cleaners — Bona OxyPower Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner. Safer Choice is a voluntary EPA program that certifies cleaning and other products made with ingredients that are safer for people, pets and the planet.

“As we continue our journey to innovate cleaning solutions that bring out the beauty in floors, our primary focus is to leverage the latest technologies and research when it comes to ingredients,” said Marie Shore, Director Product Management EMEA and APAC, Bona. “Recognition like this one from the EPA Safer Choice program is a key milestone in validating our work for a more sustainable future.”

The Safer Choice label is a reliable way to find products made with safer ingredients without sacrificing performance. Every ingredient in products that carry the Safer Choice label is reviewed by EPA scientists to make sure certified products only contain the safest possible ingredients for people and the planet. Safer Choice-certified products are made with ingredients that won’t cause serious health problems, like cancer and aren’t harmful to fish or waterways. Safer Choice also restricts volatile organic compounds to minimize indoor air pollution and associated respiratory concerns. Products with the label also use more sustainable packaging that doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, like heavy metals.

Powered by hydrogen peroxide, Bona OxyPower Wood Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona OxyPower Hard-Surface Floor Deep Cleaner are specifically designed to remove heavy dirt build-up, providing a deep clean for wood or hard-surface floors. The ready-to-use, oxygenated, water-based formula releases thousands of micro-bubbles that loosen heavy dirt build-up, removes stuck-on messes and lifts away stains via a bubbling action to provide a deep clean for floors.

Formulated specifically for cleaning pet messes, The Bona Pet System Hard Surface Floor Deep Cleaner and Bona Pet System Wood Floor Deep Cleaner offer a deep clean by penetrating through tough stuck-on stains, tracked in dirt and accident messes with the cleaning power of Hydrogen Peroxide. The Odour Guard Technology eliminates and neutralizes urine and other organic odours upon contact.

For more information about Bona Pet System and OxyPower cleaners are visit Bona. These GREENGUARD certified products are available in EMEA and APAC regions.

“These four cleaning products were developed to meet the high standards of consumers as well as certifying organizations like the EPA Safer Choice program,” continued Shore. “With 11 Safer Choice certified products in North America it made sense to seek this certification for our products in Europe. It all aligns to our long-standing mission to minimize our environmental impact by innovating safer systems and products to the highest sustainability standards.”

For more information about the Safer Choice program, click here.

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