August 27, 2021

Bone & Biscuit Introduce Newest Store in Edmonton, Alberta

The Bone & Biscuit announced its newest location in Edmonton, Alberta.

Owners Jennifer and Jason Bulat oversee the new Crestwood store at 9676 – 142nd Street, Edmonton, AB T5N 4B2, filling a need for a pet supply store in an area that has a dog part nearby.

“We love Crestwood – it’s beautiful,” said Jennifer Bulat. “We are familiar with the neighborhood because we’re from Edmonton’s West End ourselves, and we always thought we would end up back there somehow so it appealed to us.” 

The Bulats are a close-knit crew with lots of enthusiasm for the new venture. “We’re all planning on working together at the store which is really cool,” said Jennifer Bulat. “It will bring us even closer together.” 

That sense of familial closeness is something Jason Bulat intends to share with customers at their store. 

“You’re coming to a family store and you’re going to be treated like family,” he said. “That kind of customer service is important to us. Our customer service, I expect to be better than anything – than anyone in the history of service!”

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