August 10, 2020

Boss Dog Brand Fielding Interest in Funding Rounds to Achieve Business Milestones

Boss Dog Brand, founded by Seattle-based entrepreneur Vasili Nassar in 2018, is enjoying strong growth this year in spite of the global pandemic and is fielding interest in near future and long-term funding rounds to achieve business milestones.

In less than two years, Nassar launched six gut health products for dogs and cats across multiple product segments: Greek Style Frozen Yogurt, Raw Goat Milk, Freeze Dried Raw Diet, Boss ProPuffs, Boss ProBalls and soon his first foray into pet hard goods with the Boss ProPaws Treat Tray.

For Nassar, “The future looks bright. We’re focusing on what’s important and keeping things in perspective, despite the coronavirus.”

Nassar focuses on narrow segments, where he can bring products that have added-value, but also stand a fair chance to succeed and flourish. Every ingredient in all his products is purpose-driven and everything is environmentally sourced, with the main focus on pasture to package concepts.

Still, starting a business is never easy and Nassar operates on the philosophy that patience is a virtue. “The process is meant to be painful, especially, if you’re doing it right,” he said.

This mindset has kept Boss Dog’s economic viability strong. Much of his business acumen comes from his previous experience as the founder of a then and now multi-million dollar Greek yogurt company, which is sold all around the world.

The company’s recent sales have fought off negative financial pressures consistent with any new startup. It is with this knowledge of the company’s performance during these challenging times that Nassar is confident the company is in a very strong position to grow.

In its first year of business in 2019, Boss Dog’s goal was market share acquisition at all costs, which included retailer assistance in placement of branded freezers. Nassar successfully placed 250 freezers across pet specialty channels in North America, which opened up market share immediately.

Boss Dog began out of necessity, when the entrepreneur adopted a 160-pound dog named Kelby, who was fussy and would eat very little. Nassar fed his new canine every major dog food brand on the market, but the pup refused everything. He also noticed there were not many foods that offered digestive health nutrition in the form of probiotics, along with essential vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Preliminary interest in the company can be directed to

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