March 30, 2022

Brooke Shields Joins Prospect Farms as Chief Brand Officer, Board Director, Investor

Prospect Farms, a leading CPG wellness platform offering benefit-focused botanical products for people and their pets, has announced that Brooke Shields has joined as a Chief Brand Officer and been appointed to the Board of Directors.

In her senior commercial role, Shields will advise and collaborate on product development, marketing and community engagement. After years of personal research for her own relief, she will initially drive brand awareness for Prospect Farms’ clinically tested full spectrum CBD sleep and anxiety products.

“Through my own journey this past year following periodic injury recoveries and an overall healthy physical and mental state, it became clear to me how imperative it was to use my voice and platform to educate the more than 140 million Americans that today suffer from chronic sleep issues, anxiety, pain and depression,” said Shields. “The sustainability and single source traceability of botanical ingredients, especially amid the industry’s greenwashing epidemic, is more important than ever, ultimately leading me to Prospect Farms. I look forward to elevating the conversation around brands and productsin turn helping wellness consumers everywhere find trust, transparency, and  and most important, relief.”

Prospect Farms is a single source, seed-to-store wellness brand growing ingredients on their 400-year-old farm in coastal Maine. Their benefit-focused botanical products are designed to help promote better Sleep, Mood & Anxiety, Muscle Pain Relief & Inflammation, Treatment Focused Skincare as well as Pet Health products to support mood and mobility issues.

“People everywhere look up to Brooke as an authentic and inspiring source of truth and honesty, especially when it comes to her own personal battles and her ability to combat them,” said Brad Tipper, CEO of Prospect Farms. “After months of dialogue, it was clear how much of a difference Brooke could make by becoming an active part of the Prospect Farms team. We are excited for Brooke to play a significant role in the brand operations of Prospect Farms, educating and spreading awareness on the importance of traceable, benefit-focused botanicals to consumers everywhere. Please join me in welcoming Brooke to our team.”



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