Cardinal Pet Care Offers Sneak Peek of New Brand at Impact Unleashed October 9, 2019

Cardinal Pet Care Offers Sneak Peek of New Brand at Impact Unleashed

Attendees at the Pet Sustainability Coalition’s (PSC) 2019 Impact Unleashed Summit, will get to preview a new brand from Cardinal Pet Care, ONLY Healthy Source dog treats. One of the brand’s key products, ONLY Healthy Source Roasted Tenderloin Chicken Bites, which is made with cage-free US-grown poultry and contains 95 percent meat, will be featured in the conference’s Sustainable Showcase. 

The ONLY Healthy Source name reflects the brand’s focus on offering ONLY the healthiest sources of nutrition, as well as its targeted distribution ONLY through the independent retail channel, explained Cardinal Pet Care president Tony de Vos. A founding member of the PSC, Cardinal developed ONLY Healthy Source as part of its mission to provide healthy products containing the finest quality ingredients. 

“There’s greater concern today not only with a product’s ingredients, but also about transparency regarding the products’ sourcing and manufacturing,” de Vos said. “The PSC and its Impact Unleashed Summit are vital in helping all of us in the pet industry meet these challenges and solve today’s complex sustainability issues. This conference gives us the opportunity to learn from excellent speakers and workshops as well as to exchange ideas with our industry peers.” 

De Vos will be attending the Impact Unleashed Summit with other members of Cardinal’s Green Team, including director of marketing Tom Wien and brand manager Kerissa Kelly-Slatten. “The more the pet supply industry works together the better all of us will become at implementing green practices and bringing eco-friendly products to the marketplace,” de Vos believes. “This is becoming more crucial every day as new and disturbing revelations come out about the state of our planet—underscoring the need to act now.”

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