February 18, 2022

CatCare Unveils New Ultra Clean Pet Water Fountain

CatCare, a brand of smart pet supplies company DogCare Inc., has launched CatCare’s Ultra Clean Pet Water Fountain, which features ultra-filtration technology and easy-to-use design. The product has been verified by testing, inspection and certification company SGS for its capability of removing up to 99.9999 percent bacteria to supply pets with fresh pure water around the clock.

“February is National Cat Health Month. It reminds us to put extra focus on our furry friends’ physical and emotional well-being. At CatCare, what we care about is not only providing clean water to our cats but also protecting them from health problems caused by water fountains that, after a period of use, become a breeding ground for bacteria due to a faulty filtering system or poor design,” said Jeff M. Thomas, R&D Senior Manager of CatCare.

Unlike some other products on the market that filter with a combination of high-density microporous filter cotton, activated carbon and ion-exchange resin, which can easily collect dirt, cause limescale, encourage biofilm or breed bacteria, CatCare’s ultrafiltration technology performs triple filtration to purify water while retaining beneficial minerals. It can effectively remove any germ larger than 10 nanometers (0.01 micrometer, or 1/6000 of a hair), whereas most digestive diseases, whether in humans or animals, are caused by Colon Bacillus (E.coli) with a germ size of 500 nanometers (0.5 micrometers).

Each replaceable filter element can effectively filter 1.5 tons of water and supports up to 90 days of use without needing to be changed or cleaned. The external design prevents second-hand contamination when swapping filters and maintains the purity of drinking water once in the fountain. Owners get a handy reminder that automatically notifies them when it’s time for a replacement.

CatCare’s Ultra Clean Pet Water Fountain has 2.5L of volume, which is enough to keep a single pet sufficiently hydrated for seven to 14 days. This design is ideal for households with multiple pets or for ensuring pets stay hydrated when owners head away for holidays or work.

Recognizing that every pet has different drinking habits, the fountain also features adjustable water stream angles and distribution methods to increase the pet’s interest in drinking water and support continued hydration. Meanwhile, its whisper-quiet design generates less than 35dB of sound.

Visible fill-lines help owners keep an eye on water levels at all times — and, when it comes time to clean the fountain, all parts can quickly be disassembled for cleaning. Other useful features include a hidden handle for easy transportation and a fixed cable slot to keep the fountain sturdy at all times.

The fountain conserves energy with 0.5W ultra-low power consumption and an intelligent power-off feature. Effective air circulation also protects the fountain against potential safety hazards caused by a dry filter burning out.

CatCare’s Ultra Clean Pet Water Fountain is available now. For more information, click here.

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