July 29, 2020

CatLink Announces Launch WeCare, a Smart 24/7 Health Monitor for Cats

Today, CatLink, an innovative company in pet care, announced the launch of WeCare – a new type of health monitor for cats which analyzes and tracks weight and litter box behavior to determine the health condition of cats and warn of potential illness or disease indicators. WeCare gives cat owners valuable information about their cats on a daily basis. It is available now on Kickstarter. Cats are prone to certain illnesses and diseases that can be easy to treat yet hard to detect. One way  veterinarians diagnose a cat’s condition is by analyzing their weight and litter box behavior, which can reveal a great deal of information about their health. Monitoring and tracking subtle changes in weight and excretion, paints a more complete picture of the health and wellbeing of cats.

WeCare is a revolutionary pet care product that makes this process effortless and automatic. The device sits under any litter box and can accurately measure the cat’s weight along with the time, duration and frequency of litter box visits. The data collected is uploaded to an app on a Smartphone automatically as well as saved in the cloud. This valuable data of key metrics will be shown in statistical charts and diagrams so  owners can see in an instant any changes in their cat’s condition.

“Cats are lovable companions and fun to have around,” said CatLink CEO & Founder GuoQ Lee. “But as any cat owner knows, they are also mysterious and complex creatures! Even in the best of times, it’s hard to figure out how they are feeling. Cats have an innate feline instinct that compels them to conceal their own illness for self-protection making it hard for owners to realize when they are feeling unwell. WeCare allows owners to understand the physical condition of their cats and quickly act if any indications of health issues are detected. It gives pet owners peace of mind and helps cats live healthier, happier, longer lives.”

WeCare sends the user alerts when shifts of the cat’s health data occur. This can be helpful to prevent disease ahead of time with preventative care that saves on expensive veterinary costs. The device works with any litter box, can distinguish between different cats in multi-cat households and provides effective real-time care for cats.

WeCare is available now on Kickstarter with special deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here.

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