August 25, 2023

CATLINK Revolutionizes Cat Care with New Smart Products

CATLINK showcased its pioneering smart pet care at SuperZoo 2023, with its Smart Cat Litter Box in the spotlight.

Founded in 2017, CATLINK is an innovative pet care brand dedicated to creating a seamless Internet of Things ecosystem that connects people, pets and technology. In October 2020, the company received a heartfelt letter from a user in Thailand, expressing gratitude for the life-saving intervention of our smart litter box. This moment propelled its mission: to use technology to enhance pets’ health and happiness.

Notably, CATLINK secured the No. 1 best seller spot on Amazon Prime Day and earned a place on Forbes’ esteemed Chinese Emerging Brand List.

Features Include:

  • Space-Efficient: Designed with small spaces in mind, CATLINK Lite has a compact footprint of 0.3 square meters, making it ideal for small living spaces.
  • Mobility: Equipped with two wheels, CATLINK Lite is easy to move around, ensuring convenience without compromising floor space.
  • Optimized Space: Despite its smaller size, CATLINK Lite maintains ample space for your cat’s comfort. With a capacity of 65L, it accommodates even larger cats.
  • Affordable Solution: Priced at $499, CATLINK Lite offers affordability and accessibility to non-electric litter box users.
  • Safety Assured: CATLINK Lite boasts cutting-edge safety features, including non-cat jamming structure, infrared sensors and electronic safety guards.
  • Health Monitoring: Utilizing an industry-exclusive cat health monitoring algorithm, CATLINK Lite’s app collects and analyzes crucial health data to ensure your cat’s well-being, even when you’re away.

Discover more about the CATLINK smart cat litter box at: CATLINK.

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