CBD Dog Health and CocoTherapy Partner December 3, 2019

CBD Dog Health and CocoTherapy Partner

CBD Dog Health, producer of all-natural full spectrum hemp extract products, announced its recent partnership with CocoTherapy, producer of coconut oil for dogs and cats. Through the partnership, CocoTherapy brand MCT oil will become a key ingredient in CBD Dog Health products during 2020.

According to company officials, when Angela Ardolino founded CBD Dog Health, she had one goal in mind: to help as many pets as possible live their best lives with full spectrum hemp oil and essential oils made with pure, natural ingredients. When she met Charisa Antigua and Carmina O’Connor, founders of CocoTherapy, Ardolino knew she had found entrepreneurs who carried the same goals.

“MCT oil, or coconut oil, helps CBD to absorb better within the bloodstream,” said Ardolino. “High quality coconut oil is a key ingredient in CBD Dog Health products, but it was important to me to find a company who cares about what goes into their oil as much as we do. CocoTherapy is not only founded by extraordinary women, but was founded with the goal of helping animals, and holds animals’ well-being above all else and I couldn’t be happier to partner with this incredible company.”

CBD Dog Health’s tinctures, treats and salves are formulated specifically for dogs, cats and horses and are used to treat stress, anxiety, allergies, inflammation, arthritis, Cushing’s Disease and tumors. The oils used in CBD Dog Health’s products feature a full range of cannabinoids that are high in CBD, but very low in THC.

“We created CocoTherapy because we watched our grandma make coconut oil and we saw firsthand how beneficial it is for both people and pets,” said Antigua. “We also understand the immense benefits of CBD for pets. We are thrilled to partner with CBD Dog Health and to help make a difference in so many pets’ lives.”

CBD Dog Health’s current product line includes CBD oil tinctures for dogs and cats, salves and CBD-infused treats. The products range from 50-1100 mg of full spectrum CBD and are made with all-natural ingredients including full-spectrum CBD oil, hemp seed oil and essential oils, which do not contain synthetic fillers, pesticides or herbicides.

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