Celebrity-backed Dog Food Brand Jinx Entering Market January 2020 December 2, 2019

Celebrity-backed Dog Food Brand Jinx Entering Market January 2020

Jinx, a new direct-to-consumer dog food brand tailored for ‘modern doghood’ is launching exclusively online in January 2020 on its website www.ThinkJinx.com.

Jinx is built on the premise that modern dogs are often such integrated members of their human families that their diets should reflect their less wild and more humanized way of life. Specifically formulated for the dogs’ omnivore needs, Jinx will offer a nutritionally comprehensive and calorically balanced kibble and treat lines made with high-quality ingredients and proprietary formulas that eliminate artificial ingredients and fillers, and use only the best proteins and superfoods – starting with organic chicken and a medley of powerhouse fruits and vegetables.

“You are not a caveman, and your dog is not a wolf. Our dogs have evolved and have lifestyles full of doggie playdates, trips to the park, long naps and human cuddles,” says Jinx CEO Terri Rockovich. “Jinx is inspired by a modern perspective on advanced nutrition that will help our dogs sustain their healthy, advanced lifestyles.”

Rockovich, along with co-founders Sameer Mehta and Michael Kim, raised $5.65 million from a group of high profile investors that are just as energized about the future of pet wellness, including Will Smith and family, rapper NAS, singer Halsey, late-night host and YouTube star Lilly Singh, TV host and former NFL hall-of-famer Michael Strahan as well as global soccer star Daniel Sturridge. The investment was led by Alexis Ohanian of Initialized Capital, with participation from Align Ventures, Brand Foundry, Sinai Ventures, Wheelhouse Group, &vest and NQV8.

“The pet industry is on track to exceed $75 billion this year, fueled by millennial pet owners,” said Ohanian. “They’re spending more on pet food than any other generation and even delaying life milestones to care for their pets. Now is the time for a brand like Jinx.”

In its marketing efforts, Jinx aims to communicate directly to the dog. “It’s 2019 and pet brands are still only engaging directly with the human,” says Mehta. “Jinx is the only pet wellness brand that’s marketing to its end customer: the dog. Dogs actually don’t have keen taste buds, so we are taking everything from their acute sense of smell to their lifestyle preferences – like going for walks outside – and other insights into consideration in targeting the dog as the true consumer,” he continued.

Jinx will officially launch in January at www.ThinkJinx.com, with future expansion plans into retail.

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