October 11, 2023

Chewy’s PetMD Launches Symptom Checker

Chewy recently launched Symptom Checker, a free digital tool that helps pet parents get answers to some of the most common questions related to pet health symptoms.

Covering more than 50 symptoms for dogs and cats, the tool is a comprehensive resource that represents 90 percent of typical vet visits and more than 300 triage pathways. It will also surface education (400+ curated PetMD articles), vet visit preparation (questions to ask, what to expect) and the ability for users to e-mail themselves a copy of their personalized report.

The Symptom Checker was developed by a team of veterinary experts at PetMD, Chewy’s leading library of peer-reviewed veterinary articles, who designed the tool as an adjunct partner that can support triage. The Symptom Checker asks a series of questions that are covered during traditional assessments and provides a custom, printable report that pet parents can take with them to the clinic, helping to maximize their time with their veterinarian. As a digital tool, the Symptom Checker can also fill gaps for after-hours care by helping pet parents make decisions as to which symptoms require emergency attention and which can wait for a visit to their primary veterinarian.

PetMD’s recent blog entry explaining the Symptom Checker said, “Our tool offers in-depth medical questions to help provide the pet parent with the best possible guidance. Additionally, we offer pet parents educational materials such as article links related to their pet’s symptoms and potential health condition, to help educate them further.”

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