June 10, 2021

Comfort Zone Launches New Opticalm Diffuser Based on Consumer Feedback

Comfort Zone, a leading cat-calming brand owned by Central Garden & Pet, has debuted its new Opticalm diffuser. The sleek design aims to improve the customer’s overall experience and promote relaxation for beloved feline companions.

The Opticalm cat-calming diffuser was created to continually release pheromones that signal the area is familiar, helping cats feel safe and happy. These pheromones mimic what happens in nature, communicating safety and comfort using signals cats understand. With its new design that optimizes precious outlet space, the bottom outlet is left open for other devices and appliances. It even features a rotatable plug and a modern look that fits in every corner of consumers’ homes.

Comfort Zone conducted consumer interviews and in-home user tests, gaining valuable insight to help improve the consumer experience when using its calming diffusers. “Consumers asked us to enhance the diffuser with a modern design that optimizes valued outlet space, and we are excited to bring the consumer’s feedback to life,” said Victoria Mann, General Manager of Health and Wellness at Central Garden & Pet Company.

Mann continued, “Much like humans, cats get stressed in certain situations, especially as a result of life milestones such as welcoming new cats into the family, moving to a new home or having visitors. We support cats’ emotional health by helping them feel safe, happy and relaxed while reducing unwanted behaviors.

The Comfort Zone brand connects with customers and is focused on positive results. The brand’s goal is to enhance pet parents’ connections with their furry family members by helping pets feel relaxed, happy and healthy.

Comfort Zone’s drug-free calming solutions are effective in and around the home, encourage positive behavior, create a calming environment and are recommended to reduce urine marking and scratching. Comfort Zone Calming Diffusers for cats and kittens are available at Petco, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus, Pet Supplies PlusAmazon and Chewy.

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