March 28, 2023

CommuniPets 2.0 a Web-Based Platform for Pet Owners to Connect

CommuniPets has launched, a social community platform designed for pet owners to connect with one another, share photos and videos of their beloved pets and enjoy exclusive discounts on pet products and services.

After careful consideration, the company has decided to pivot away from the original concept as a mobile social media app platform due to the liabilities and dependencies involved in managing user-generated content and working within the constraints of the Apple and Android app stores and regulators.

Faced with the constant threat of app removal and the burden of a 30 percent fee/tax on all transactions, this led to reevaluating the company’s approach.

Going forward, CommuniPets 2.0 will be redesigned as a Web-based platform accessible to all PCs, tablets, smart TVs and mobile phones. This new direction will allow CommuniPets to better serve their members and provide a more stable foundation for the business.

CommuniPets was created and funded by Alexander Acuna with the goal of creating a media platform that prioritizes the inherent right to personal privacy and full transparency for its members.

CommuniPets operates with a unique approach, prioritizing the needs and privacy of its members over an advertiser-driven corporate agenda. As a true community supported by its members, CommuniPets offers full disclosure and allows members to build 100 percent of their own authentic peer-to-peer groups and audience of fans without interference from the platform.

In an effort to maintain a safe and positive community, they have removed direct messaging and allow users to communicate publicly through posts and comments. The goal is to eliminate private interactions to minimize abusive behavior from troublemakers, bullies, trolls, frauds and scammers.

In addition to providing a welcoming and supportive community for pet lovers, CommuniPets operates using the Revolutionary New concept ‘Imagine Business Model®‘ or IB Model. This business model prioritizes giving back to the community, with two-thirds (64 percent) of all income earned and donations being returned to the CommuniPets community to help financially support local pet communities like: rescue and pet adoption centers, animal shelters, pet organizations and pet business owners.

CommuniPets members can see where their money goes each month by clicking on the “Follow the Money” tab for total Transparency and Accountability.

Acuna also states that he has gifted/donated CommuniPets to the members and the community will always be 51 percent majority stakeholder, making sure that the members of the community will never be taken away from greedy interest.

Acuna said, “Our goal is to have CommuniPets leverage the userbase to negotiate better cost saving benefits and services for the pet owners. We will also contribute to helping our pet businesses grow by providing access to our user base by showcasing their products and services on my weekly podcast show and on the CommuniPets platform.”

Visit CommuniPets to learn more.

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