February 13, 2024

Compana Pet Brands Reveals New ZuPreem Brand Website

Compana Pet Brands, a global leader in pet care and nutrition, has unveiled a new ZuPreem brand website, featuring state-of-the-art nutritional product solutions for pet birds, exotic felines, primates and ferrets.

Site highlights include a new blog design that facilitates an upgraded user-friendly experience and delivers engaging educational content on pet bird care, nutrition, bonding, environment and enrichment.

Concurrently with the site launch, the ZuPreem brand unveils a new look and feel with an enhanced logo, expanded color palette, typography and graphics.

“We are delighted to share the new ZuPreem website and brand with bird lovers everywhere,” said Melissa Ross, Vice President of Marketing and Business Unit Lead (Small Animal, Bird, Homestead), Compana Pet Brands. “The love our community has for their birds is unlike any else. With its new energy and vibrancy, the updated ZuPreem brand is a colorful celebration of this love. We are equally excited to share a richer and all-around improved user experience for present and future customers alike.”

One of the website’s many pet bird owner resources includes the Feed Smart Nutrition Plan to help your birds convert from seeds to a healthy and balanced nutrient rich pellet based diet. The plan’s nutritional approach supports birds’ optimal health by limiting seed overconsumption and alternatively providing a combination of 60 percent Core Nutrition™, 20 percent fresh fruits and veggies, 15 percent Enriching Variety™ and 5 percent Rewarding Treats™.

ZuPreem products are available online and at stores near you and backed by a risk-free 100 percent money back guarantee.

For questions, contact customercare@zupreem.com.

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