July 24, 2020

Coolpad Partners with TELUS for New Tracker System Suitable for Pets

Global consumer electronics company Coolpad, announced  it has partnered with TELUS to launch TELUS Track+, a new connected tracker which enables consumers to easily track and locate what they care about most, including pets.

“TELUS Track+ is a uniquely engineered device that allows anyone to track their valuables while providing safety and peace of mind for its users,” said Zach Chang, CEO, Coolpad Americas. “We are really pleased to help bring this new tracking device to TELUS customers.”

“At its core, the TELUS Track+ is an innovative device that helps users keep track of their items with an easy to use and secure application that can be managed by any smartphone,” said Rick Leitao, General Manager of Coolpad Canada. “Also, a pet collar and lanyard accessory are included in the box, making the TELUS Track+ a versatile solution, regardless of what you are tracking.”

One of the many great features on the TELUS Track+ device includes an on-device ringer. When activated this ringing will alert you to where the device is located, to help you quickly find your valuables. Also, your TELUS Track+ device will roam free of charge anywhere in the US.

The Track+ offers location tracking, geofencing and notification, long battery life and resistant shell and light sensors. For full details on the device and pricing, please visit TELUS.com/track.

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