March 19, 2024

Country Living Magazine and JoJo Modern Pets Launch All-New “Country Living Life with Pets” Line

Hearst Magazines, in a brand licensing deal with JoJo Modern Pets, has debuted the “Country Living Life with Pets” collection. This venture aligns with the ever-evolving needs of today’s conscientious pet owners, reflecting Country Living’s signature aesthetic while also emphasizing quality and sustainability. To officially launch the collaboration, JoJo Modern Pets will be previewing the collection at Global Pet Expo Booth #1070, March 20-22.

“For most of us, the two most important things are our pets and home,” said JoJo Modern Pets founder Savina Singh. “When I started our pet supply company out of my apartment over a decade ago, I was shocked at how ugly all the items were for the pet industry. Our mission at JoJo Modern Pets is to make beautiful, innovative and unique items for your pet and home. This partnership with Country Living allows us to stay true to our mission and expand our audience, as Country Living shares our values and similarities with the communities we reach.”

JoJo Modern Pets has been making pet supplies for the modern pet parent since 2012. The “Country Living Life with Pets” collection will include eco-friendly toys, treats, feeders, leads and walking accessories. An expansion of the line will have pet beds, blankets, food containers and more. These items will be exclusively distributed through American Pet Supplies and available on other direct-to-consumer channels like Macy’s, Target, Walmart and Amazon.

“The modern pet parent is using social media more and more not only to learn how to be a better pet parent but also to learn where to get the necessary supplies to care for their pets,” said Danielle LaVeau, Managing Director of American Pet Supplies. Danielle and a community of content creators will make fun videos and downloadable booklets with ideas for treats, DIY crafts and activities to increase the bond between pets and pet parents. “Over the years, we’ve made so many great friends in the industry, including Hilary and Patti from Hound Hugger DIY. Like so many pet parents, they are huge fans of Country Living and love the cozy and comfortable aesthetic of the brand.”

To celebrate the launch of “Country Living Life with Pets,” they collaborated on a free booklet filled with quick-and-easy dog treat recipes that readers can make at home. Many recipes work perfectly with the treat trays in the “Country Living Life with Pets” collection.

Stay up to date on the “Country Living Life with Pets” collection with Danielle, Hilary, Patti and Country Living on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok @americanpetsupplies, @houndhuggerdiy and @countrylivingmag. For more information about the line, email or call 1-855-226-5656.


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