June 8, 2022

Covering the Family: Physicians Mutual Adds Pet Health Insurance

Physicians Mutual announces the launch of Physicians Mutual Pet, pet health insurance for cats and dogs. Pet parents can now easily sign up and help protect their furry loved ones – of any age or breed – with a variety of affordable and customizable coverage options. Physicians Mutual Pet is currently available in 34 US states amid a national rollout.

Physicians Mutual is a national provider of health, life and retirement products. Physicians Mutual Pet joins the company’s existing products, including Medicare Supplement, dental, life and supplemental health insurance along with coverage for funeral pre-planning. The Physicians Mutual family includes Physicians Mutual Insurance Company and Physicians Mutual Life Insurance Company.

“The Physicians Mutual brand is all about spreading joy. Adding Physicians Mutual Pet to our line of products is a perfect fit as we know how much joy our pets bring into our lives,” said Rob Reed, president and CEO at Physicians Mutual. “We all want to help keep our pets happy and healthy, and we don’t want the financial worry when they need care. We developed Physicians Mutual Pet to provide that peace of mind so pet parents know they’re getting the coverage they need and their pets can receive the best care possible when and where they need it.”

Physicians Mutual Pet insurance is one of few providers to offer inclusive coverage, meaning no matter how young or old the pet, or what breed, they are covered. Other distinctive benefits are the ability to see any veterinarian, customizable deductible options with a $0 deductible and diminishing deductible availability, as well as a waived co-pay and deductible in emergency, life-saving treatment situations. Pet parents can also choose options that include coverage for wellness visits, such as exams, dental treatments and vaccinations.

Pet insurance began in the US in 1983, when Lassie, the star collie of the TV show, became the first dog to have pet insurance. Today, nearly 4-million cats and dogs are insured in the US. More pet parents are securing pet insurance as routine veterinary care, treatments and overall pet health costs continue to rise. According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association, pet insurance in the US has increased at an average annual growth rate of 21.6 percent in the past five years alone. Cats with pet insurance continue to experience a higher growth rate; yet, dogs make up the majority of all insured pets in the US.

Physicians Mutual Pet is available to all pet parents. Current active Physicians Mutual customers are eligible for a multi-policy discount. Learn about Physicians Mutual Pet, including coverage options and comparisons, get an immediate quote and explore pet resources in a dedicated pet community here.


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