June 20, 2023

Covetrus Celebrates One Years of Pulse, the Industry’s First Cloud-Based Veterinary Operating System

This month Covetrus, a global leader in animal-health technology and services, celebrates one year since the launch of Covetrus Pulse, a revolutionary cloud-based veterinary operating system (vOS). Data compiled by Covetrus shows that use of Pulse saves veterinarians valuable time and as a result, increases revenue for the practice and improves outcomes. Now supporting more than 3,000 veterinary practices, Covetrus Pulse is the fastest growing vOS in North America, moving the industry forward by offering the clinical applications providers need in a single, connected ecosystem.

“We are proud to support thousands of veterinary practices across North America and continue to be amazed by the collaborative process with our valued clients to build a truly innovative offering, such as Pulse, which specifically addresses the challenges of veterinary practices and helps build ongoing revenue for the practice,” said Benjamin Wolin, president and CEO of Covetrus. “Pulse is designed to ease vet practice pain points, give practices the gift of more time to focus on their pet patients, grow practice revenue and work to achieve optimal health outcomes.”

study demonstrated that Pulse saved approximately three hours each week, providing much-needed relief to overworked, understaffed veterinary practices. By Pulse workflows enabling more face time with pets and less screen time, providers can focus on the patient, ask the right questions and improve outcomes.

Covetrus estimates veterinarians who utilize Pulse could have an additional 200-250 appointments per veterinarian each year, increasing revenue for the practice.1 In addition, more than 40 percent of Pulse users are accessing the system on a mobile device, further streamlining operations for vet practices and enabling a seamless digital experience for veterinarians and pet parents alike.2 This data can deliver care and maintain strong client relationships when and where their practice and business strategy demand it.

When Dr. Heather Moreau, owner of Canyons Veterinary Clinic in Cottonwood Heights, UT, decided to open her own practice, she spent countless hours conducting research on which practice management software (PIMS) would best meet her needs. With the assistance of her operations manager, Sierra Miller, they selected Pulse.

“In our experience, Pulse continues to be the most user-friendly platform with which I have ever worked,” said Miller. “I am constantly telling new staff how easy it is to navigate and learn. It makes our jobs as customer services representatives, nurses, animal care assistants so much easier.”

She added, “It is a straightforward system that has skipped the loopholes and backdoors and secrets to successful utilization. It saves us time, improves our ability to communicate and share information, which further supports our goal of providing the quickest and best care for every companion animal we have the pleasure of treating.”

Over the past year, Covetrus has continued to advance Pulse with data-driven user insights, incorporating more than 1,500 user submitted ideas and enhancements to optimize its operating system in the areas vet practices needed most: solving for staff management/workflow challenges and practice operation needs and strengthening client communication and vet-pet parent relationships.3

The newest features for the solution include:

  • Text-to-pay + Collect Deposits: Provides a convenient way for pet parents to make payments via text. Enables providers to collect a deposit for appointments.
  • Task Board Advanced Personalization: Teams stay on top of tasks seamlessly, with enhanced abilities to create filters and sort / assign staff and due date. Also enables handling of emergency tasks.
  • Consolidated Service Catalog: Saves time through bulk editing capabilities. Plus, new features to manage billables for multi-location practices, allowing staff to quickly create billables for new locations.

A more in-depth discussion of Pulse innovations and its impact on real-world veterinary practice challenges can be found on the Covetrus Connected Care podcast, which helps veterinary practitioners tackle the real-world challenges they experience, from the front desk to the exam room and beyond. Each episode dives into the technologies and innovations that are improving the world of animal health and the future of modern veterinary care. To listen the latest episode, visit: here.

Covetrus Pulse is available to veterinary practices across North America. For more information, click here.

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