CUDDLY Helps Animal Welfare Organizations Across the Nation Find Homes for Foster Pets April 15, 2020

CUDDLY Helps Animal Welfare Organizations Across the Nation Find Homes for Foster Pets

CUDDLY, a fundraising platform for small to mid-sized animal rescue organizations, has launched an accelerated foster matching program for nonprofit animal welfare groups across the country. The CUDDLY foster application matches individuals with pets from nearby rescues by eliminating the complicated research process to determine which pets are available with local rescue groups.

With the additional stressors created by the coronavirus pandemic and “safer at home” quarantine, people everywhere are limited on the activities and individuals they can interact with. This confinement has had an expected impact on animal rescues whose kennels are being cleared as the public expresses an interest in pet adoption and fostering.

“Fostering has always been a huge need in the world of animal rescues. By expediting the complicated process of partnering people with foster pets, we can help support our partner rescue groups during these uncertain times,” commented John Hussey, CEO of CUDDLY. “The fact that animals and humans can come together to provide love and comfort for one another is a sign of the good that prevails under even the most extreme circumstances.”

Animal rescue or shelter organizations can keep track of their animal adoption applications with this free online tool.

Individuals looking to foster or adopt can download the expedited foster matching application here.

A long-time champion of the underdog, CUDDLY also partners with small and medium sized animal rescues nationwide to help facilitate the medical care for animals in critical need. Helping to fund medical costs for neglected and abused animals in the most critical conditions is the latest solution to the many challenges their nonprofit partners face. In fact, 97 percent of every dollar raised by CUDDLY goes directly towards funding urgent animal care needs.


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