March 28, 2023

CULT Food Science Announces Intent to Acquire Because Animals’ Consumer Brands and Formulations

CULT Food Science Corp., a pioneer in the investment, development and commercialization of cellular agriculture technologies and products, has signed a binding LOI to acquire Because Animals Inc.’s consumer brand assets, related patents, non-scientific intellectual property and product formulations.

The acquisition will join internally developed pet food brands to form the company’s new Pet Food Division, which aims to develop and commercialize cultivated pet food products in collaboration with its portfolio companies, supporting the company’s mission to make cell-based products a part of pets’ everyday lives.

Commercial pet food is estimated to drive as much as a quarter of the environmental impact of the factory farming industry. Conversion to cellular agriculture technologies continues to offer pets the same quality nutrition and taste as conventional production, but significantly reduces their carbon pawprint by protecting global land and water resources and biodiversity.

With the launch of pet foods into the multibillion dollar pet food market to complement CULT Food Science product portfolio, this represents another step in the company’s mission to bring cell-based innovation into everyday life.

Founded in 2016 and backed by prominent VC firms including Draper Associates and SOSV and Norwegian conglomerate Orkla, Because Animals Inc. is a sustainable pet food company known for its innovative use of ethical ingredients such as cultured meat. The company was awarded the Purina Pet Care Innovation Prize in 2020. Because Animals’ original co-founder Joshua Errett has left the startup, and, with this acquisition, is continuing the development and commercialization of the Because Animals’ consumer brand business under a different name within CULT Food Science. Because Animals Inc. will continue to innovate in the pet food industry, not associated with CULT Food Science.

“Pet foods have a complex relationship with agriculture and climate. Common pet foods are often produced using animal meats that are deemed not suitable for human consumption. Or are leveraging inputs that are going to become scarcer in the future due to climate change in the case of particular kinds of fish. At the same time, some of our pets can struggle to reach their nutritional needs if you seek to cut out every animal product out of their diets. Cultivated products using cellular agriculture and precision fermentation is one of the only solutions that can create a sustainable and nutritious future for our pets as well. They are part of our everyday lives and deserve sustainable and healthy options for food as much as we do,” said Lejjy Gafour, CEO of CULT.

“Eliminating factory farmed meats in the foods we feed our companion animals will have wide-ranging effects on our society, with ripples through our food chain, economy and of course environment. We can reimagine our entire food system, starting with what we put under our dogs’ and cats’ noses every day,” said Joshua Errett, VP Product Development at CULT. “I am personally devoted to this cause, as today’s announcement makes clear. I’m looking forward to continuing my important work on this amazing brand.”

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