August 4, 2022

Dognomics Partners with Digital Silk to Launch Dog DNA Test Kits in US

Clinomics, founders of dog DNA test brand Dognomics, partnered with creative digital agency Digital Silk to introduce their at-home kits to US-based dog parents and grow their brand online.

Working closely with the team behind Dognomics, Digital Silk’s specialists established the foundation of brand’s digital presence, including brand strategy and visual identity, e-commerce website and online marketing channels.

Leveraging the brand’s unique value proposition coupled with market research, competitor and audience analysis, the agency formulated Dognomic’s authentic brand and identified their optimal market positioning. From visual identity to messaging, the brand balances its complex, scientific roots with their team’s simple and enthusiastic “love for dogs.”

Digital Silk’s Director of Brand Strategy Courtney Bozigian said, “To resonate with consumers, the brand needs to tell the story and use the language that speaks to their needs. Combining ‘a passion for science with a love for dogs,’ Dognomics’ messaging needed to communicate the highly scientific and precise process of ‘unlocking a dog’s DNA,’ as well as the joy and the love we put into caring for our pets,” she said.

Digital Silk’s award-winning brand designers completed Dognomics’ visual identity with a signature purple and blue packaging design, starring a mystery dog, ready to learn its heritage.

Digital Silk’s team of digital strategists and UX/UI designers translated the brand’s visual identity into a strategically designed e-commerce website. From conversion funnel planning to web design and development, the agency created a custom e-store optimized for search engines and conversions.

According to Digital Silk’s Vice President Stephanie Sharlow, strategic website planning is key to building a high-performance website, particularly one that introduces a new product or brand to the market.

“Your website is a market tool – THE marketing tool, in fact,” said Sharlow. “This is where you educate your prospects on your offering and move them through the conversion funnel until they are ready to buy. With Dognomics, we focused on communicating the value of dog DNA testing, the credibility and precision of Dognomics’ ‘DNA unlocking’ process and the simplicity of using their product.”

The team behind Dognomics and Digital Silk continue to work closely together to grow the brand’s presence in the US by strengthening the brand’s following and engagement on key digital marketing channels.




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