July 30, 2019

DogSpot: Sidewalk Sanctuary Continues to Expand

DogSpot, a startup company that creates sidewalk sanctuaries for dogs, is expanding their services to Portland, Oregon. The sanctuaries are strategically placed at the entrance of locations where dogs are prohibited. The technology-enabled houses are a safe, legal and convenient alternative to the traditional tethering dogs to a post or leaving them inside vehicles. 

 The houses have A/C, hospital-grade UVC lights, secure access via DogSpot app or RFID member card, an in-app Puppy Cam offering live-stream footage, forced-air ventilation, heated floors, reflective shatterproof window, adjustable feet to ensure the house is level and 24/7 customer services. 

The company is partnering with three Zupan’s Markets locations in Burnside, Macadam and Lake Oswego.

 “Zupan’s Market is committed to providing our customers with a grocery experience like non other in Portland and Lake Oswego,” said Mike Zupan, president and CEO of Zupan’s Markets. “We don’t want any member of the family to feel left out, which is why we could not be more excited to introduce DogSpot’s high-tech houses, sharing a safe and secure solution for our food-loving customers.” 

Referring to DogSpot’s press release, the sanctuaries are an innovative pet amenity, a first-of-its-kind technology solving a problem that affects cities, business owners, dog owners and dogs alike. DogSpots are high-tech dog houses offering the convenience of a leash hook without danger or discomfort, responsible containment without health risks and the peace of mind of leaving dogs outside without neglecting the pet’s needs. By the end of 2019, the company expects to launch an additional 300 new locations in many walkable cities. 



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