June 24, 2020

DOGTV Spotlights Canine Enrichment Week

DOGTV is marking Canine Enrichment Week from June 21 to June 27 and will spotlight six different types of canine enrichment to improve your pet’s quality of life.

Dogs have adjusted to the new “normal” of having their families home all the time during the Stay-at-Home order due to the COVID-19 crisis. But as many parts of the country reopen and relax quarantine restrictions, people will be spending less time at home and are re-entering the workplace. This will not only be an adjustment for people but also for their pets.

The transition can create a lot of stress in pets. But it’s also an opportunity for pet owners to enhance their relationships with their pets and work to find ways to make their lives better.

Canine Enrichment Week will spotlight a number of ways you can improve your dog’s quality of life:

  • Social enrichment, including providing experiences for dogs to interact with one another
  • Mental enrichment, including activities that engage their brain power
  • Physical enrichment, including exercise and well being
  • Nutritional enrichment and ensuring your dog has a proper diet
  • Sensory enrichment to reduce fear and anxiety
  • Home enrichment, providing a safe and welcoming environment for your pet

Beke Lubeach, General Manager of DOGTV and pet industry expert, understands the impact on furry friends and is here to help pet owners prepare for the shift back to pre-quarantine routines and to generally improve their dog’s quality of life.

DOGTV will be provided free of charge during Canine Enrichment Week on most cable or satellite platforms and streaming online, to provide pet owners an opportunity to see how the platform helps entertain and engage their dogs. Each day of the week will be dedicated to one of the topics above on DOGTV with specific content to help educate dog owners on steps they can take to enrich their pet’s lives.

Additional information on canine enrichment and the week’s activities can be viewed at DogEnrichment.dog throughout the week. For more information on DOGTV, visit DOGTV.com.

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