August 26, 2021

Dr. Marty Pets Introduces Veterinarian-Formulated Freeze-Dried Wellness Treats: Better Life Bites

Dr. Marty Pets introduces its line of veterinarian-formulated wellness treats, Better Life Bites, available now at independent and specialty retailers nationwide through exclusive distribution with Phillips Pet Food & Supplies.

A scrumptious dog treat formulated with health benefits, Better Life Bites Wellness Treats combine real cuts of premium raw meat, veggies and fruit with high-quality vitamins and minerals, all freeze-dried into a delicious bite. Perfect for a nutrient-rich treat or training reward, Better Life Bites contains zero artificial preservatives or grains. 

Dr. Marty Pets’ line of Better Life Bites come in four highly palatable, nutrient-packed varieties, each formulated with a range of primary protein sources that are designed to help target a range of health concerns common among dogs. The Better Life Bites range includes Digestive Health Premium Beef Wellness Treats, Heart Health Premium Turkey Wellness Treats, Hip & Joint Health Premium Beef Wellness Treats and Immune Health Premium Pork Wellness treats 

  • Better Life Bites Digestive Health Wellness Treats are crafted with freeze-dried raw beef, premium probiotics and digestive enzymes to help soothe a dog’s digestion while supporting healthy bowel movements and promoting a calm mood. 
  • Better Life Bites Heart Health Wellness Treats were designed with dogs’ heart health needs in mind. Formulated with freeze-dried raw turkey, omega-3s, L-carnitine and taurine, Better Life Bites Heart Health are designed to support a strong heart and promote youthful energy in dogs of all ages. 
  • Better Life Bites Hip & Joint Health Wellness Treats are formulated with delicious freeze-dried raw beef, bone broth and New Zealand green-lipped mussel to help dogs stay active, playful and support stiff joints and hips. 
  • Better Life Bites Immune Health Wellness Treats are made with freeze-dried raw pork, colostrum and shitake mushroom to support a healthy immune system and increase energy. 

Dr. Marty Pets Better Life Bites are available in a 3.5 oz bag at an MSRP of $13.99.

For more information about Dr. Marty Pets new line of Better Life Bites or to request an interview with Dr. Marty, contact Kerry Sutherland at K. Sutherland PR, For retail and sales questions, please contact Learn more about Dr. Marty at or his new book, The Spirit of Animal Healing, here.

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