October 12, 2023

Dr. Marty Pets Joins IndiePet

Dr. Marty Pets®, the canine and feline brand of premium freeze-dried raw dog and cat food and supplements, is joining forces with IndiePet (Independent & Neighborhood Pet Retail Association) to further their support of independent pet retailers.

In addition to Dr. Marty Pets’ brand new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, this partnership with IndiePet will allow for the continued growth of the brand in the independent pet channel.

“We love independent retailers because they do a great job educating pet owners and creating a true sense of community,” said Dan Markenson, Head of Retail for Dr. Marty Pets. “Dr. Marty Pets is committed to training store employees so they can educate their customers. We really appreciate the indy community and what they’ve done to grow our brand and we look forward to partnering with IndiePet members, both manufacturers and retailers, to make the channel stronger and strengthen the value proposition to pet parents.”

IndiePet is a dynamic organization that unites independent pet retailers, manufacturers and passionate pet owners with a shared mission to provide the best care and products for pets.

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