May 19, 2020

DTC Tailored Personalized Dog Food Brand Priced Competitively with Specialty Retail

Tailored, a new direct-to-consumer, personalized dog food brand aims to make it easy for pet parents to find — and get — the right food for their pup’s unique needs.

“At Tailored, we’re a group of pet nutrition experts and pet parents who have spent decades studying pet health and nutrition,” said CEO Steve Joyce. “Together, we set out to solve a problem: Every dog has their own unique wellness needs, but with so many overwhelming options in the pet food aisle, it’s difficult for consumers to know what is best for their dog. We founded Tailored to meet this need — a company that crafts health-first, personalized recipes, delivers them quickly to your door and does all of these things at a fair price. In short, we believe in personalized nutrition for your one-of-a-kind pet.”

Through the brand’s website,, consumers are guided to take a short quiz, which asks detailed questions about their dog, ranging from gender and breed size, to specific food sensitivities and health concerns. The brand then recommends a personalized recipe tailored to each pet’s specific needs, complete with customized feeding instructions.

Unlike other direct-to-consumer (DTC) pet foods on the market, Tailored will be priced competitively with specialty retail brands, making the switch less financially impactful for pet parents.

“During these uncertain times, pets provide invaluable comfort, emotional support and companionship to all of us,” Joyce said. “As we all spend more time than ever at home with our pets, and limit our trips to the store, Tailored is here to help make consumers’ lives easier and their pets’ lives better by providing them with the best nutrition for their furry family members without ever requiring them to leave the comfort and safety of their homes. Every Tailored recipe will be delivered quickly and safely to their doorstep — all while abiding by recent social distancing guidelines during the manufacturing and shipping process – and saving consumers a trip to the store.”

Each personalized kibble recipe is made with only the best ingredients including real, quality proteins like chicken, salmon, bison and lamb; nutrient-rich produce like sweet potatoes and butternut squash; and protein and fiber-rich legumes like lentils and peas. Every Tailored pet food recipe is safely cooked in the USA. The company meets or exceeds the strictest food safety procedures and practices from ingredient sourcing, to manufacturing, packaging and shipping.

To learn more about Tailored, its commitment to quality and sustainability and promotional offers, visit (


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