Earth Animals’ ‘What Ifs’ April 3, 2020

Earth Animals’ ‘What Ifs’

Earth Animal is a company deeply invested in the welfare of animals, people and the earth. According to a company statement, Earth Animal has noticed cleaner air and clearer water, a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions in New York City alone, more people appreciating a quieter world and more kindness and benevolence since COVID-19.

Although, the new normal is having a devasting effect on small business. It’s a time optimism may be low for many when it is critically important in the long run. Some say the silver-lining effects of telecommuting due to the virus will be short lived.

However, Earth Animal has ideas for the long term:

“What if we aspired to make positive change in the face of all this adversity? What if we dug deeper into the possibilities? All this month, we’re partnering with the Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) to create an impact assessment of telecommuting at Earth Animal. All our employees, company-wide, are submitting data on their work-related travel before they started telecommuting compared to today. What will the data show? We’re not sure. But what if our small company’s positive environmental impact by telecommuting is BIG? And, what if, based on these results, we implemented a new work schedule that included one work-from-home day per week? What if that influenced other businesses in the pet industry to do the same? What if that influenced other industries to do the same? No one knows exactly how any of this will play out – but we hope our planet may be able to reap some well-deserved benefits. Over the next several weeks, we will be sharing our learnings with you because we are all Earth animals and we’re in this together.”

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