April 5, 2023

Earth Rated Unveils New Look

Dog brand Earth Rated has launched a new generation of poop bags, made from 65 percent certified post-consumer recycled plastic with the same high-quality and 100 percent leak-proof guarantee that it has always had. By making this new generation of poop bags from 65 percent certified post-consumer recycled plastic, Earth Rated® is giving a second life to more than 5 million pounds of landfill-bound plastic per year, while reducing the bag’s carbon footprint by approximately 22 percent as compared to its previous generation of bags (based on annual production rates).

“Today marks an important milestone in our journey as a company. With our new look, we’re proud to put our name front and center because we stand by the quality and integrity of our products. This transformation goes beyond a new visual identity and fresh Earth Rated logo; we’re excited to introduce our new generation of poop bags made from 65 percent certified post-consumer recycled plastic, which is a testament to our unwavering dedication to innovation and responsibility. Our new brand identity reflects our aspirations for the future, but it does not stray from the core values that define who we are as a company,” said Yael Grimman, CMO at Earth Rated.

In 2009, Earth Rated recognized a common issue faced by responsible dog owners – the inconvenience of using large and unreliable grocery store bags to pick up after their dogs. That’s when they set out to create affordable, leak-proof and high-quality poop bags, along with a handy dispenser. Since then, they have continued to evolve their products by listening to customer feedback and by launching new products, such as dog grooming wipes.

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